Nowadays Towel is one of the human primary needs. Towel is not only about the function, but also fashion. Chliya is a well known brand in garment and fabric industry based in Taiwan.

With the great commitment and supported by high technology and very potential human resources, Chliya Towel commits to present a product that shows high quality fabric as well as very high fashion.

Focusing in product, Chliya Indonesia has developed brand new material of towel, which is micro-spun material. With that high quality material, we bring our own towel into the new level of quality.

Our 5 super characteristics: Fast absorb, quick dry; long lasting; warm and soft; anti bacterial and mold proof; no fuzz and no scratch.

With our inhouse engineer, designer, and in collaboration with all team in Chliya, we always provide you with great support. So now we are ready to bring towel into new high level products that can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime and anywhere. Your satisfaction is our happiness. Enjoy the best moment with Chliya Indonesia.